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Otis is a different kind of soul outfit.
Inspired by Stax and Otis Redding, we’re a house band
backing a rotating roster of sizzling soul singers.
Sometimes we strip it down to a four-piece instrumental line-up.

Otis soul revues

Otis soul revues are blistering, sweaty affairs. High energy and professional. With a master of ceremonies. Multiple featured singers. Sharp matching suits. Showmanship and choreographed moves. A fast-flowing rush of two-minute-thirty-second soul stompers, groovers and ballads.

The material

Our inspiration is the music of Memphis, Booker T. and everything Stax. The groove is gritty, tight and stripped to its raw essence. The vocal performance is front and center. Otis is no tribute band. We’re creating our own sound and songs. In the meantime, we’re shedding and performing lesser known soul nuggets.

The lineup

We’re veterans of many bands in many styles, seasoned on stage and in the studio. With Otis, we’re taking everything we’ve learned about performing and recording and honing it to a fine edge.

Hud Bixler............DrumsMike Yoffie.........B3
Dave Wiens.........BassCraig Daniel.......Guitar
“The Otis demo is one of the
best I’ve ever heard. Moorea’s vocal on
‘Don’t Play That Song For Me’ is stunning.”
Design: Elaine Kwong | Photo: Sean Dana